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American Windows and Glass Repair is a Bonded, Licensed & Insured home improvement contractor that serves Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, DC area. We provide outstanding customer service by providing emergency glass repair services to the clients in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, DC. We restore all types of household and business glass damage, including patio door damage, storefront damage, sliding door damage, and foggy window. Whether interior or exterior, natural or man-made, American Windows and Glass Repair is the best choice for emergency repair and home improvement services in VA, DC, & MD. If you find yourself in need of any emergency home improvement service, just give us a call 703-879-8777 (VA) or 202-621-0304 (DC & MD).

American Windows and Glass Repair Service provides 24X7 Emergency Services for home or business disasters as fire damage, mold, or Board Up service. Board-up services are often in your best interest, as they ensure safety, liability, and are useful for avoiding further damage or loss. Moreover, emergency board-up service contains your damaged property and that also helps as a preventative measures that can ultimately save you money.

Foggy windows point out that the moisture captivating desiccant materials are fully soaked. From this point on wetness accumulates and circulates between the glass window panes, which can cause permanent glass damage if not repaired quickly. Therefore, a foggy window indicates the end to a window's life cycle.

When you are in need of any Emergency Glass Repair and you’re looking for a professional to fix it, American Windows & Glass Repair Services is the industry leader in emergency glass repair for all types of household and business damage, including fire damage, sewage damage, flood damage, and mold damage, as well as windows repair & replacement in the Washington DC, northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland area.

At American Windows & Glass Repair Services, specialists are ready to serve you and help you find the perfect windows for your home or office.

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